Unique Handmade Shabby Chic Shelves, Kids Bedroom Shelves & Plain Pine Shelves.



Thank you for visiting the site that only offers unique shelves, vintage shelves, shabby chic shelves, kids bedroom shelves & many plain designed shelves that can`t be found any where else.

Woodiquechic was created in 2012 in a spare bedroom. At first I bought the plain shelving units from a local store & just painted them, shabbied them but I realised other sellers were selling similar shelving so I thought & thought how I could make my units unique so I started to practice with a few different papers. It took me ages to perfect the right perfection of sticking the paper & making sure it was flat with no creases.

All the shelves are designed & handmade in rural Cornwall. They are all made from a quality redwood pine, painted in many colours & decorated with lots of different papers to give them their uniqueness. All papered units are finished with a varnish to give them extra protection.

So the units are suitable for any room even steamy bathrooms, you will find lots of designs & sizes for any room of your house.

Any of my papered shelves can be stripped back by soaking the papered parts of your unit face down in a bath of warm water for 15-30 minutes, then just scrape back the paper, let the wood dry & then sand back. Any unit can be painted again as long has you use a silk emulsion.

If you find the shelves you like but want them in a different colour or made smaller then just message me through the site & i`ll be happy to bespoke your order.

Thank you again for visiting my site & keep popping back because i`m always adding new designs.
Unique vintage shabby shelves, kids shelves, plain coloured & pine shelves all handmade.